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We share important events with the world.

We share

important events

with the world.

Live stream your next conference with Spark Street Digital!

Expand your reach with these key features:

Multiple camera angles

for an immersive viewing experience.

Embeddable video player

viewable on all major browsers and platforms.

Real-time Q&A

to engage webcast viewers.

Slides and speaker names

streamed in real-time within the webcast.

On-demand video archive

online within 1 day of the webcast.

Viewable anywhere

on our site or yours, desktop or mobile.

Why live stream your conference?

  • Live streaming lets you broaden your audience. With a live stream, you aren't limited to local, or even national participants - your reach is worldwide.
  • Live streaming helps you multiply your impact. You can reach professionals in your field, press, policymakers, and the general public, internationally.
  • Pay-per-view live streams can be a new source of revenue. Spark Street Digital will work with you to create a custom payment processing system so you can build your audience online without harming your attendance in person - or your bottom line.
  • Live streaming helps you engage on social networks. With live video, off-site social media users who would otherwise be simply watching reports from inside your conference can become content generators themselves. Live video stimulates the conversation online and help build your audience.
  • Live stream recordings outlast the event itself. Spark Street Digital's high-definition video archives can be embedded on any website, edited into segments or highlight reels, or distributed on DVD.

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