Lecture and Seminar Webcasting

Live webcasting is a valuable addition to lectures, seminars and classes.  Spark Street Digital is equipped to produce compelling, immersive live webcasts from yours.

Why webcast lectures and seminars?

  • Live webcasts expand your audience and multiply your impact by allowing you to include press, policymakers, and the public at large.
  • Live webcasts promote collaboration.  With live streaming video, distance is no barrier to collaboration.  You can include students, educators and practitioners in any field, regardless of their location.
  • Live webcasts engage participants.  Spark Street Digital’s live Q&A solutions let webcast viewers ask questions, comment and discuss, while giving you the ability to moderate the conversation.
  • Live webcasting lets you track engagement.  With a full set of webcast analytics, you can see who watched – and for how long.
  • A live webcast outlives the event itself.  With a high-definition archive recording, you can  build a valuable repository of video for students, educators, researchers and the public.
  • Live webcasts help you create a following online.  Webcast viewers can easily become email newsletter subscribers, social network followers and fans.  And establishing a reputation for high-quality educational content can  be a potent audience-building tool.

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