Policy Briefing Webcasting

Live webcasting is an important addition to any policy briefing, conference or event – and Spark Street Digital is ready to provide a complete solution for yours.

Why webcast a policy event?

  • Live webcasting multiplies your reach – and your impact.  Your goal is to speak to the policymakers and stakeholders who can make a difference on your issues.  Not all of them are in one place, so your event shouldn’t be either.  Live streaming video gives you international reach.
  • Policymakers and their staff are busy.  Live webcasting gives you the opportunity to your audiences attend without leaving their office, when they might otherwise not attend at all.
  • A live webcast will outlive your event.  The full high-definition recording of your webcast can be circulated to target audiences after the fact, edited to make a topic-specific “highlight reels”, or used in future video production.
  • A live webcast can reach nontraditional audiences.  Legislators and their staff may be your primary audience, but with live streaming video, you can include journalists, advocates, and others – without crowding out your core participants.
  • Live webcasts promote participation.  Our live Q&A features allow participants to ask questions and let you moderate them, prioritizing the best ones.
  • Live webcasts allow you to track viewer interest.  With a full set of webcast analytics, you can see who watched – and for how long.
  • Live webcasting is cost effective.   With live web video, there is no catering, no printing cost, and no room reservation – and unlike an purely in-person event, a webcast’s capacity has no limit.

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