Spark Street Digital is a Washington, D.C.-based firm dedicated to producing high-quality webcasts at reasonable prices for clients nationwide.  Our goal is to make streaming video accessible, affordable and simple.

We started webcasting events because we were organizing events.  Over and over, we were frustrated by the high cost and spotty quality of the available streaming video services. We were confident that we could do better.  And ultimately, we believe that a society in which more people have access to these technologies will be more open, more transparent, and better.

We have a few core principles:

  • Charge fair prices.
  • Ensure rock-solid reliability. In live video, you can’t erase and re-record, so webcasts need to work every time.
  • Produce compelling video.
  • Be clever. We were able to build a leaner, more efficient approach to streaming video because we didn’t accept common assumptions about how webcasts “had to be” produced.  And we are still not satisfied with the state of live online video – including our own.  We’re constantly striving to improve our webcasts and bring them into financial reach for more people.

We’d be happy to discuss our offerings further, and help you decide if our streaming video is right for you.  You can use the contact link on the right to get in touch.


We are located in the heart of Washington, DC, NYC, and San Francisco.