Press Conference Webcasting

Spark Street Digital is ready to create high-quality live webcasts for your press conferences, briefings and events.

Why webcast a press event?

  • Reporters are busy, and attending in person isn’t always possible.  Live webcasts allow hard-to-reach journalists to tune in to live streaming video of an event they might have otherwise miss completely.
  • Live webcasting allows you to broaden your reach and pitch journalists worldwide.  What might have just been a local story, live streamed, can become regional, national or even international.
  • Live webcasts help you track reporter interest and guide pitching.  With comprehensive webcast analytics, you can see who watched – and for how long.
  • Live webcasts are cost effective.   With live streaming video, there is no food to buy, materials to print, or rooms to reserve – and unlike an in-person venue, your webcast’s capacity is unlimited.
  • Live webcasts are interactive.  Our live Q&A functionality lets journalists ask questions while allowing you to  moderate them, and prioritize the best ones.
  • Live webcasts boost social media engagement.  Journalists are heavy social media users, and live streaming video gives them something to react to.  The resulting conversation can help create buzz around your event, build your social media audiences and foster social media use among in-person attendees.
  • Live webcasts give journalists compelling multimedia content to repost.  In today’s cash-strapped newsrooms, reporters are always looking for compelling content.  An embeddable, video-on-demand version of your webcast is much more likely than a press release to find its way into a blog or news post.
  • Live webcasts build your email lists and draw traffic to your website.

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