Virtual Events with Spark Street Digital

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We share important events

with the world.

We share

important events

with the world.

Spark Street Digital is a video production firm specializing in live webcasting with offices in Washington, DC, NYC, and San Francisco. We are ready to produce the best possible virtual events while COVID-19 disrupts standard in-person events.

Hold a virtual event with Spark Street Digital.

Hold a virtual event with

Spark Street Digital

Our virtual events contain these key features:

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Multiple virtual panelists

in real-time conversation.

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Embeddable video player

and no download necessary.

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Real-time Q&A

to engage your viewers.

The pricing calculator below outlines the cost of our videoconference-inside-a-webcast offering. More information on this event format is available beneath the calculator.

What is a videoconference-inside-a-webcast?

  • This event format has two pieces: a closed videoconference for speakers (we typically use Zoom for this), video from which is live streamed out to the public via a webcasting platform like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter or our own private platform.
  • Viewers just go to the live webcast and press play, like they would watching any live webcast. No videoconference platform downloads makes for a simpler viewing experience.
  • We operate the videoconference and ensure it runs smoothly. The Spark Street moderator would also be able to troubleshoot with any panelists having technical issues via one-on-one chat.
  • Viewers will still know they are watching a videoconference, but we can remove some of the user interface of the videoconference tool. We can also add logos, lower thirds to identify speakers as they talk, holding slides to cover transitions and breaks, and holding music.
  • Webcast viewers can participate via text-based Q&A. Not offering audio or video participation to the public makes for a cleaner program.

Our physical HQ...

...covers virtual events everywhere.

recent webcasts map

...covers virtual events everywhere.

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Interested in discussing an upcoming project or looking for something slightly different than what we've described here? Drop us a line at or call at 1-844-SPARKST. You can also use the contact form at the button below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.