Training and Webinar Webcasting

Live webcasting is a powerful solution for live webinars and trainings.  Spark Street Digital will work with you to create a dynamic, exciting experience for participants.

Why webcast your training or webinar?

  • Spark Street Digital webcasts feature compelling, immersive video.   The standard webinar format, with tiny, postage-stamp-sized video, isn’t engaging.   It’s easy for viewers to get distracted.  Our live streaming video is high-quality, and our production draws viewers in.
  • Live webcasts are interactive.  Our live Q&A features let  participants ask questions, comment, discuss, and answer polls, all with powerful moderation features that keep you in control.
  • Live webcasts let you track participation.  With comprehensive webcast analytics, you can see who watched – and for how long.
  • Live webcast recordings can be easily reused.  Spark Street Digital’s high-definition archive recordings can be embedded on any website for future viewing, distributed on DVD, or edited into shorter “highlight reels”.
  • Live webcasts boost social media engagement.  Our live streaming video integrates seamlessly with major social networks – and the conversation that results can create buzz around your event and build your following online.

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