Privacy Policy

Here’s the bottom line

Spark Street Digital does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose information about our site visitors, except when compelled by law.  We are serious about privacy.

Where we collect data

We collect your information in two places on the site: with our automatic quote generator, and our “Hire Us” form.

Using Google Analytics, we also automatically collect some information about all visitors to the site for our own analytical purposes.  This is standard practice online, and collection is limited to information such as your IP address, the browser type and version you are using, your screen size, the URL that directed you to a site, and the length of your visit.  We use this information to make the site easier to use and simpler to navigate, and we never share it with anyone.

How we use data

Quote Generator: We do store the quotes that are generated, but they are not associated with any individual user, unless that user sends their quote reference number to us via the “Hire Us” form.

“Hire Us” form: We store all information submitted via this form, and will use it to contact you to discuss our services.  We may also send you periodic future emails to update you about what we offer.  These communications will always allow you to unsubscribe, at which point we’ll never send you another email unless you ask for one.


If you have any questions about this policy or would like to discuss it further, please email us at